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Location, location, location


Even though the famous tricolon: location, location, location is popularized in the real estate market, it is emerging its way to the digital signage market too.

Since most consumers buying decisions are made at the spot of purchase, there is no other valid reason needed to address the necessity for digital signage in retail stores.

According to a recent study, in-store impulse shopping is still the main driver for increasing revenue. When planning where to place your digital signage screens, it is important, when approaching this decision, to put oneself in the „shoes“ of future potential customers.

As it is important for product deployment, it is also important for digital signage deployment.  Placing more expensive products in our eye level and less – expensive ones a bit lower than the eye level can increase sales of the more expensive ones. The same can be applied to digital signage too. Placing digital signage screens at our eye level, without anything blocking them, will certainly lead to more views or interactions if the same feature a touch function.

Another thing to consider is placing it in spots where consumers tend to move slowly or even stop for a few minutes. By doing so, there are higher chances that the consumers will not miss the digital signage screen. In addition, choosing the right time to display digital content or 3rd party ads, is another thing that has to be taken into consideration. Nowadays, IT solutions offer the possibility of tracking the influx of people in addition to analytics, with which you can further plan when to schedule the display time. What is said for life in general, can be said for digital signage too, being at the right place at the right time, is always a beginning of a successful story.



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