Transferring online shopping experience to shops

What was done during the pandemic to improve online shopping is now transferred once again to shops. During the pandemic, retailers have tried their best to improve the online shopping experience. That included more detailed product information, product comparison, product reviews and much more. Since many people have transferred their jobs online, they are thus […]

Best Practices from the Pandemic – QR Codes and Digital Signage

Intentionally or unintentionally, Pandemic has changed the approach to digitalization among consumers. Pandemic, among all other possible epithets regarding it, was uncertain. Quick changes in public policies and measures have forced all industries and consumers to anticipate these changes quickly as possible.  According to a QR Code Consumer Use Study, which studies how consumers behavior […]

Digital signage in public spaces

The main economic benefits of digital signage are perceived through its implementation process. Even though the initial investment costs are high, digital signage software eliminates the costs of installation and content distribution. Through time the initial investment of display purchase is amortized. Since content can be changed automatically and centrally, digital signage investment causes only […]

Brand building with digital signage software

Brand building is not just about a memorable logo or a catchy phrase. Brand building increases the value of the company in the long term. The brand reflects intrinsic and extrinsic values of a company, which provide employees and customers with direction, motivation, and trust. Digital signage software development has made a milestone for companies […]

Location, location, location

Student using interactive digital signage display

Even though the famous tricolon: location, location, location is popularized in the real estate market, it is emerging its way to the digital signage market too. Since most consumers buying decisions are made at the spot of purchase, there is no other valid reason needed to address the necessity for digital signage in retail stores. […]