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Digital signage in public spaces


The main economic benefits of digital signage are perceived through its implementation process. Even though the initial investment costs are high, digital signage software eliminates the costs of installation and content distribution. Through time the initial investment of display purchase is amortized. Since content can be changed automatically and centrally, digital signage investment causes only positive effects with no additional costs.

While digital displays are proven to capture more views than static displays, using them to address trending social questions, health campaigns, or entertainment content is the right option.

Digital signage in public spaces is used by local officials or private businesses to advertise their brand. It is characteristic for public spaces to have a high influx of people because of which waiting time can not be avoided. Regarding the mention and considering the amount of time people spend in public areas, it is of great importance to use this time effectively.

Most used cases of digital signage systems are to inform citizens about traffic schedules, upcoming events or when it comes to private advertising, special offers and opening times. Or in the long term, to increase public awareness of a specific theme related to health or something else. There are numerous ways to use digital signage displays in public spaces but the focus is on how great the impact is. To conclude, also when referring to world concerns regarding the environment, digital signage displays are the first step to doing so.

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